Perceive technology with art,
Leading change with technology

Enqoo is a global innovative experience company with art + technology as its core.

At the beginning, we always believed that "design produces value". A good product experience should make it joyful and happy with it.

Enqoo is boldly innovating endlessly, exploring forward-looking experiences, integrating life and technological beauty, and has developed a variety of products and services for enterprises and users:

・Qooui — Professional design and development experience service, helping enterprises to obtain elegant product experience.

・Qomla — Construction of enterprise-level Web development experience, giving enterprises a sense of energy in the Internet wave.

・Qokit — a comprehensive customer experience system to enhance the influence and efficient operation of the enterprise.

・ESchool-Experience Design Innovation Institute, to provide designers with future-oriented design education.

Enqoo uses art to perceive technology and technology to lead change, and create the future with customers and partners, and provide users with tangible emotional experiences.

Design Concept

  • Fascinating

    A successful interface should make people have the desire to click, allowing users to invade and enjoy it.

  • Easy to use

    Elegance and simplicity are not enough. It needs to be easy, convenient and efficient to get started.

  • Simplely

    Focus on the target, eliminate interfering elements, and make the interface extremely streamlined. Less is more.

  • Just right

    Design serves the content and prevents over-design. Inappropriate and need to be discarded. Avoid being gorgeous and deliberately retouching, perfection is the best.

  • Beyond the trend

    Carry on the past and keep up with the times. Keep abreast of cutting-edge design trends and seek a balance between trendy and traditional.

  • Make it happy

    The design of the product should focus on the pleasure of use, and every improvement should make users happy to see and use.

  • Unique charm

    Explore the best solution, and strive for every creative breakthrough, so that the product maintains its unique charm.

  • Harmonization

    Selecting every element and carving every pixel should be considered as a whole to achieve local and global coordination.