One-stop design and development experience service

Qooui provides one-stop experience services in brand design, graphic design, Web & APP design and development, product design and video production, and emerging fields, giving global customers and partners a core competitive advantage in the future.


Enterprise-level web development experience construction

Qomla builds professional web applications for customers based on the world's most popular Joomla! open source system, providing branding, product display, e-commerce and functional customized website construction, as well as technical support and services for various components, modules, and plug-ins of Joomla! .


Comprehensive customer experience system

Qokit cloud application research and development and deployment, with five major modules: website management, product management, customer management, marketing management, and application store, covering the enterprise's entire transportation use scene. Connect the all-weather, zero-latitude, barrier-free customer experience inside and outside the enterprise, which can be used by the enterprise to build Web applications and internal collaboration, thereby enhancing enterprise influence and efficient operation


School of Future Experience Design

Eschool provides a full-family design professional education system for designers who aspire to become designers. Relying on Yingku's years of rich industry experience accumulation, Eschool guides students through online and offline diversified education methods to learn design knowledge necessary for the new era in an interesting and practical way.